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  • why should I hire an interior designer?
    An interior designer can help save you money and time. An experienced set of eyes is trained to see undertones in paint and fabric colours that the average person might miss. Have you ever painted a wall three times trying to get the perfect colour but somehow it’s never quite right? A designer can help you avoid mistakes which inevitably cost time and money. Your designer will also think about the big picture and is continually taking the scale and balance of your project into consideration. Your designer will become your ally throughout your project and has the necessary language and design terminology to communicate your wishes to the contractor and trades. Designers spend their days thinking creatively and spacially. They are trained to think outside of the box and look at your project as whole so that the end result has continuity and flow. Designers have access to a wide range of products including incredible lighting, tile and fabric not available in retail stores.
  • at what point in the process should I hire an interior designer?
    We always say the sooner the better! Your designer is an integral part of helping you create the initial concept for your project and therefore should be amongst the first people you look to hire.
  • do you have access to specialty products that are not available to the general public?
    Yes! Designers have access to a huge variety of products like furniture, tile, wallpaper and lighting that is not available to the general public.
  • do you take on projects outside of the Vancouver area?
    Yes, we take on projects outside of Vancouver. We travel for our full service interior design clients who have hired us for large renovations and new homes. For smaller projects, e-design may be the best solution for you. It's a great option for clients who are on a budget and willing to do some of the work themselves.
  • do you have a team of preferred trades that you work with regularly?
    Yes, we have spent many years fine tuning the working process with our preferred team of trades. We are more than happy to help connect you with the best contractor or tradesperson for your specific project.
  • will you act as a project manager for my project?
    Yes, we can be with you every step of the way. Not only do we design your project from the initial concept stage right through to the finer details of furnishing, art and accessories, we are also fully adept at project managing your project right to final completion.
  • do you charge for your initial consultation?
    Our initial consultation is complimentary. The first meeting is a really important step for both the designer and the client. It allows us to get a better understanding of you and your project. There is nothing quite like meeting face to face and we do not charge for the initial consultation.
  • do you provide a full set of autocad drawings?
    Yes we provide a full set of auto cad drawings, including 3D renderings as required.
  • what size of projects do you take on?
    We take on projects of all sizes from custom new build homes and renovations, right down to smaller projects including furnishing, accessories, and staging.
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